Bathroom Remodeling

Have you dreamed of a luxurious bathroom in your home? Make your dreams a reality with bathroom remodeling from Premier Custom Homes.

Our professional bathroom contractors can make any bathroom look spectacular, from large master baths to smaller half-baths

We can do everything from crown molding to custom cabinetry, new lighting fixtures, custom showers and floors, and drywall and painting. Best of all, we create a schedule and a budget that works for you.

No matter how complicated your remodeling project is, you can rely on Premier Custom Homes for a unique, custom update to your home’s bathrooms.

How Can You Remodel Your Bathroom?

Premier Custom Homes offers numerous services for your bathroom remodeling needs. We can help you create a unique, custom bathroom from scratch or we can add some simple updates to enhance your bathroom’s style. You can choose from numerous fixtures and customization options with Premier Custom Homes.

Update your bathroom vanity in a new color or style.

Choose new crown molding for a classic trim to your bathroom walls.

Add a completely new shower or bath, or create a custom tile pattern.

Opt for a new tile floor and a fresh coat of paint to match.

Update your light fixtures for a more modern vanity feel.

The Benefits of Bathroom Remodeling

Why should you choose bathroom modeling? When you remodel your bathroom, you add multiple benefits for yourself, your family, and your overall property value.

  • Adding a bathroom to your home can bump up your home’s value in market listings.
  • Having new fixtures in your bathroom can increase your property value if you decide to sell or rent.
  • Updated, stylish features can seriously enhance your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal and make using this room a much more enjoyable experience.
  • You and your family will have more options in your home – no more fighting over the shower in the morning.

Choose Premier Custom Homes for Your Toledo Bathroom Remodeling

Premier Custom Homes is committed to working closely with you during every step of the bathroom remodeling process. We will meet with you to discuss your dream bathroom and provide you with a budget and schedule that works for you.

We will work within the framework of your home insurance policy to make sure everything is up-to-code and you do not experience any unpleasant issues with your insurer.

No matter how unique or complex your project, Premier Custom Homes will provide the most professional level of service to enhance your home’s bathrooms.

Contact Premier Custom Homes today to design your dream bathroom for your home.

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